Some of the more common Action hooks are:

  • publish_post: Triggered when a new post is published.
  • create_category: Triggered when a new category is created.
  • switch_theme: Triggered when you switch themes.
  • admin_head: Triggered in the <head> section of the admin dashboard.
  • wp_head: Triggered in the <head> section of your theme.
  • wp_footer: Triggered in the footer section of your theme usually directly before the </body>tag.
  • init: Triggered after WordPress has finished loading, but before any headers are sent. Good place to intercept $_GET and $_POST HTML requests
  • admin_init: Same as init but only runs on admin dashboard pages.
  • user_register: Triggered when a new user is created.
  • comment_post: Triggered when a new comment is created.